Simay Karakas

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, MSc

About Me

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist located in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is working with asylum seekers and refugees at International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. She applies face to face & online individual psychotherapy to adolescents and adults both in English and Turkish in private practice.

She is one of the founder members of Forum of The Lacanian Field of Turkey in Istanbul (FCL-TR) which is affiliated to International School of Psychoanalysis Of The Forums Of The Lacanian Field in Paris. She continues her theoretical studies as well as practice with psychoanalytic approach.

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Psychoanalysis described as “talking cure” by one of Freud’s patient, known as Anna O. Language is the most appropriate tool for this type of cure. With psychoanalytic approach, patient discovers inner conflicts, early experiences and unconscious processes that underlie their feelings, thoughts and behaviours, and s/he meets oneself again with the company of a psychotherapist. This takes psychoanalytic psychotherapy beyond the cure since there is a transformation beyond healing. At the end of this process, new type of knowledge and satisfaction await the patient.

Psychoanalytic therapy can be conducted at therapist’s office or online. Online psychotherapy is a preferable way where physical conditions are not suitable to meet face to face and can be advantageous for patients for many reasons, including ease of access and saving of time.

Studies show that online psychotherapy is equally effective as face-to-face psychotherapy. The framework that applies to face-to-face sessions (frequency, duration, fee) is also valid for online sessions. Since the process of psychotherapy is specific to each patient, the framework may change according to needs and conditions. Confidentiality is one of the fundamental principles.

You can fill and send the contact form below for face-to-face and online psychotherapy appointments. When your request is received, psychotherapist will return to make a short phone meeting. Thereupon, date and time of the appointment are determined. The sessions are held face-to-face at the office or via Skype by phone, pc or tablet.



Thessaloniki, Greece