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Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist Simay Karakas

She studied psychology at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey. During her undergraduate study, she voluntarily worked for the research study of "Disclosure Decisions of Sexual Identity in Young Adult Males: Emergent Cross-Cultural Themes Utilizing Grounded Theory" conducted by Prof. Robert A. Cleve and for the research study of “The Effect of Using Excessive Mobile Phones on the Behaviour and Personality Traits of Young People" conducted by Dr. Oya Mortan Sevi and Dr. Özgür Öztürk. She also participated in volunteering activities at Lambdaistanbul LGBTI+ Solidarity Association, Aura Psychotherapy - Art Therapy and Education Centre, Social Services and Child Protection Agency - Little Hearts Project and PSI Development Education Research and Family Counselling Centre. In the same period, she completed her one-month internship at Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital Psychiatry Service. She attended Istanbul Psychiatry Institute Clinical Psychology Seminar Programme and Nadis Consulting Psychology Workshops. She attended a training program of Theraplay and Marshack Interaction Method I-II and Group Theraplay from Theraplay Institute. She also worked as an intern psychologist at Bomonti Doga College Psychological Counselling Unit, Harmoni Language - Speaking and Development Academy, Nadis Education and Consultancy during her undergraduate study.

She completed her Clinical Psychology Master’s Degree Programme with a final project "The Treatment and Effectiveness of Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Theories of Depression in Children aged 3 -12” at Istanbul Okan University. During her master’s degree, she took MMPI-2 and Neuropsychological Tests trainings from Turkish Psychological Association. She also attended HP Humanite Medical Center Psychology Training Programme. In the same period, she completed her five-month internship as an Intern Clinical Psychologist at Erenkoy Mental Health and Neurological Disorders Hospital – Psychiatric Unit of Psychosis. She worked at Şebnem Kartal Institute of Social Sciences as an Assistant Psychologist. After the Soma Mine Disaster, she organized group play therapy workshops for different age groups as a psychologist at Soma Summer School organized by the Social Rights Association. She voluntarily participated in the Trauma, Crisis and Disaster Unit as a member of the Turkish Psychological Association and took part in the organizing committee of the 1st Trauma Symposium.

Until 2018, she continued to see her patients at private Mavi Counselling Centre in Istanbul. As a Clinical Psychologist she had also worked with Syrian refugee women and LGBTI+ individuals who have experienced sexual and gender-based violence at Women's Solidarity Foundation in Istanbul. As of 2018, she continues her professional career in Thessaloniki. She is working with asylum seekers and refugees at International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. She applies face to face & online individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy to adolescents and adults both in English and Turkish in private practice. She voluntarily takes part in the Collective Psychological Solidarity Movement to provide psychological support to individuals who affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, she also voluntarily takes part in the remote psychosocial support team initiated and carried out by the Turkish Psychological Association - Izmir after the Izmir Earthquake. She continues to attend seminars, congresses, training and supervision groups on regular basis. She receives individual supervision from EPFCL School Member - Psychoanalyst Zehra Eryörük.

She is a founder member of Forum of The Lacanian Field of Turkey in Istanbul (FCL-TR) which is linked to International School of Psychoanalysis Of The Forums Of The Lacanian Field in Paris. She takes part in administrative committee and education commission of the Forum, as well as in annual psychoanalytic training programme, translation groups, reading groups, cartels etc.


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